Монумент советским воинам в Ханко
Hangon neuvostomonumentti
Det sovjetiska monumentet i Hangö

(59°49'54.5"N 23°01'19.0"E ; 59.831803, 23.021939)


Muistomerkissä on venäjäksi, suomeksi ja ruotsiksi teksti:
"Советским воинам героически павшим в боях в годы Великой Отечественной войны от благодарной Родины"
"Suuren isänmaallisen sodan vuosina sankarillisesti kaatuneille neuvostosotureille kiitollinen synnyinmaa"
"Till sovjetkrigare fallna som hjältar under det stora fosterländska kriget av tacksamt fosterland".

On the legend board at the cemetery the establishment history of the site is told in Russian, Finnish, English and Swedish. The original graveyard was established in 1942 for Russian prisoners of war on the Hango Peninsula. In 1960, the old wooden crosses and the surrounding fence were removed and replaced by new memorial designed in Moscow. The flag shaped memorial has a text in Russian, Finnish and Swedish that reads: "To the Soviet soldiers who fell as heroes during the Great Patriotic War, from a grateful Fatherland." In 2000 nameplates on granite pedestals were added for the 186 identified soldiers. The other 267 soldiers remained unknown.

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